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Best 10 Freelancing Websites that Pay through Payoneer


those familiar with the freelance industry, Payoneer is a valuable
resource. It is a fast and efficient method for transferring and
withdrawing money from anywhere in the world. As a result, we have
compiled a list of the best freelancing websites that pay through

In some countries, PayPal, the largest online payment
gateway, is not available. This includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the
Central African Republic, which are among the largest markets in the
freelance industry. However, Payoneer can be used effectively in these
countries, providing an alternative for freelancers who cannot use

Some freelancers find Payoneer to be more convenient and
practical than PayPal, as Payoneer provides a dedicated debit card for
cashing out earnings. This allows freelancers to withdraw money from any
ATM outlet in their city

list of 10 websites that offer payment through Payoneer:

have compiled a list of freelancing websites that accept Payoneer as a
payment method, among others. If you are living in a country where
PayPal is not available, you can create a Payoneer account and begin
working online.

Here are some of the websites you can join and start freelancing


is the largest freelance platform and an excellent choice for anyone
looking to become a freelancer. It offers a wide range of online jobs in
IT-related fields, including writing, software and web development,
translation, data entry, and more.

One of the best features of
Upwork is the variety of payment options available to users, including
Payoneer. Once you have earned enough money in your Upwork account, you
can easily withdraw it through your Payoneer debit card with just a few

If you're interested in joining Upwork, click here to get started.


    is another popular freelance platform that provides similar services to
    Upwork. If you find Upwork overwhelming, Freelancer can be a great
    alternative option. You can work on both websites simultaneously to
    increase your chances of getting your desired job. However, building
    your reputation on both platforms requires more effort.

    Upwork, Freelancer also offers the option to cash out your earnings
    through Payoneer. Please note that there is a small fee associated with
    using Payoneer to withdraw funds from Freelancer. Click Here to Join


is a highly popular micro-tasking platform that allows you to sell
digital services. You can offer a wide variety of services such as
article writing, social media marketing, graphic and logo design,
virtual assistance, and even singing songs for buyers, among other
things. You can offer any service that you're skilled at, as long as it
can be delivered digitally rather than physically.

One of the
benefits of using Fiverr is that you can withdraw your earnings through
Payoneer. This provides a great opportunity for you to leverage your
talents and skills to earn a steady income. If you're interested in
joining Fiverr, click here to get started

Click Here to Join Fiveer


is a UK-based freelancing platform that specializes in connecting
freelancers with English clients. The platform is known for offering
relatively high-paying jobs compared to other freelance portals. In
addition to applying for freelance jobs, you can also offer your own
services on the platform, known as "Hourlies."

Creating a profile
on PeoplePerHour is quick and easy, thanks to the platform's intuitive
design. Withdrawing your earnings from the platform is also a
straightforward process. You can choose to withdraw your earnings
through Payoneer, among other payment methods. If you're interested in
exploring PeoplePerHour, head to their website to get started.


Additionally, 99Designs allows you to receive payments through Payoneer.
This makes it easier for graphic designers all around the world to get
paid for their work. The platform also provides a great opportunity for
designers to showcase their skills and build a portfolio, which can lead
to more work in the future. Click Here to join 99Designs.


While renting out your space may not fall under the category of
freelancing, it is still a great way to earn some extra income.
Platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo allow you to list your space for
short-term rental to travelers and tourists. By offering your space, you
can earn money without having to do any work other than preparing your
space for your guests. Once you have accumulated enough earnings, you
can withdraw your funds using Payoneer. Setting up your profile and
creating a listing is easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Amazon Affiliate Program

I have to inform you that making $50k per month as an Amazon affiliate
is an extremely rare occurrence and is not typical for most affiliates.
While it is possible to make a significant income from Amazon's
affiliate program, it requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication
to build up a successful affiliate business. It's important to manage
your expectations and not to expect to earn significant amounts of money


Expert360 is not just limited to technology experts, but rather it's a
platform that offers a wide range of freelance work opportunities for
professionals across different fields, including marketing, finance, HR,
legal, and more. However, they do have a dedicated section for
technology-related work.


Envato is a great platform for digital artists, as you mentioned. In
addition to selling designs and graphics, Envato also offers a range of
other services, including web development, content creation, and
marketing. It's a great place to showcase your skills and build your
reputation as a freelancer. And of course, you can withdraw your
earnings through Payoneer. 


TeeSpring is a great platform for people who are good at creating
T-shirt designs. You can create your own designs and list them for sale
on the platform. TeeSpring also provides a built-in design tool that
allows you to customize your T-shirts in a user-friendly way.
Additionally, TeeSpring offers marketing tools to help promote your
products on social media channels and reach a wider audience.